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Walmart using blockchain

How Companies Like Walmart Are Gaining Fame In The Blockchain World

When one hears the company name “Walmart,” many things come to our mind. One thing that strikes me is the supply chain excellence of retail giants. Walmart is one of the biggest eCommerce companies that runs a chain of hypermarkets, departmental, and grocery stores all across the globe. Not only has it excelled in traditional supply chain management for decades, but also it is investing more in emerging technologies. And one such technology that is widely used by Walmart is Blockchain. It is being used to capture more of the eCommerce market as well as to focus on sustainability.
How to buy ubiq?

Where and How to buy Ubiq (UBQ) in 2021?

We bring another detailed article on a new cryptocurrency known as Ubiq (UBQ) to enhance your understanding of various cryptocurrencies available today. Through this article, we shall explore different ways and places to buy Ubiq.  Summary (TL;DR) UBQ is the…

Where to buy and How to mine Potcoin

Where to buy and How to mine Potcoin in 2021?

This article shall elaborately discuss the Potcoin cryptocurrency and its origin. Moreover, we will also look at how and where to buy Potcoin and other relevant information. So let’s get started and explore the various aspects of Potcoin. Summary (TL;DR)…

How to buy Ripple (XRP) in India

How to buy Ripple (XRP) in India in 2021?

This article will be delving into the finer aspects of Ripple (XRP). Moreover, we shall discuss in detail the protocol itself and the ways to buy XRP (Ripple) in India.  Summary (TL;DR) Ripple is a cryptocurrency and real-time gross settlement…

How Ethereum Mining Works [An Overview]

You sure must have heard of Ethreum. It is the second most popular and valuable cryptocurrency after Bitcoin based on market cap. Ethereum has been around since 2013 and has initiated the blockchain 2.0 revolution by introducing smart contracts. In this article, we will try to understand how Ethereum mining works.
How Bitcoin Mining

How Bitcoin Mining Work? [Technical]

In simple words, BFT lets a decentralized system function normally in an adverse situation when there is a malicious user in the system, or a fraction of the system fails. When the majority of users in a system are ethical personals (i.e., people who follow the rules), they can override the malicious work done by non-ethical individuals. So for a system to function normally, at least 51% of users should adhere to the rules set up in the system. This gives rise to consensus, which is the general acceptance of specific rules and regulations.
How to Buy Siacoin (SC) in India

How to buy Siacoin (SC) in India in 2021?

As cryptocurrencies are gaining immense attention these days, today, we shall discuss Sia and its token Siacoin. This article shall delve into various aspects of Siacoin and provide a detailed guideline of how to buy Siacoin in India.  Summary (TL;DR)…


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