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How to Claim your Product on CoinCodeCap?

Claim your Product

Anyone can list crypto products on CoinCodeCap. Most of the time, we list a lot of crypto products. However, at any time, if you want to own your product page on CoinCodeCap, here are the steps. Steps to Claim your product…

How to Create a Crypto Deal on CoinCodeCap?

How to Create Crypto Deals

Products listed on CoinCodeCap can create crypto deals. You need to own the product page in order to create a deal. Note: If your product is listed on CoinCodeCap by someone else and you want to own the page, please check here. Steps…

Introducing the ‘Warning’ symbol

Our analysis found many projects have millions of $$ in market cap but no development activity. We are worried that exchanges are not doing due diligence and exposing investors to these toxic projects.

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