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Mudrex vs TokenSets vs NapBots 2021

Mudrex vs TokenSets vs NapBots

This article will compare three popular crypto trading bots providers, Mudrex, TokenSets, and NapBots, and highlight unique characteristics that make them suitable for automated crypto trading. Summary (TL;DR) There are various crypto trading bots providers, and this article will deal…

Zignaly vs BotCrypto vs Margin.de [2021]

Zignaly vs BotCrypto vs Margin.de

This article will go through three different crypto trading bots platforms Zignaly, BotCrypto, Margin.de, their features, and how to pick the ideal one for your automatic crypto trading. Summary (TL;DR) Zignaly provides several crypto signal-finding facilities, each with vastly differing…

MultiCharts Review 2021: Is it Worth Buying?

Multicharts review

With numerous new platforms/ software everywhere, it is hard to comprehend the functionality of a platform. One of the many platforms is – MultiCharts. In this article, we will review MultiCharts. What is MultiCharts? MultiCharts is an extensive charting and…

How to buy Shiba (SHIB) Coin on CoinDCX? [2021]

Buy Shiba at CoinDCX

In this article, we are going to talk about buying Shiba coin (SHIB) at CoinDCX. Shiba has recently been listed on multiple Indian exchanges, and CoinDCX is among the first exchanges to provide its trading services. Use this link to…

How to Buy Shiba (SHIB) Coin on WazirX? [2021]

Buy Shiba (SHIB) Coin on WazirX

This article will guide you through the step-by-step process of buying Shiba INU (SHIB) at WazirX. We will also be looking at the risks of buying Shiba INU. Summary (TL;DR) WazirX is the best Indian crypto exchange platform. Also, since…

Top 5 Free Cryptohopper Apps for Every User [2021]

CryptoHopper Apps

Cryptohopper is a cryptocurrency trading bot built to facilitate beginners and pro traders to make the most of their trading opportunities, optimize their gains, and reduce the possibility of losses. What is Cryptohopper? Cryptohopper aims to empower traders by offering…


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