SimpleSwap Review: Is it Safe to use in 2021?

SimpleSwap is a user-friendly and safe crypto and fiat exchange platform. This exchange does not mandate signing up to make swaps and supports over 400 coins. Moreover, it also has its own SWAP token that is an essential part of the Loyalty Program. In this SimpleSwap review, we will be analyzing the features of this exchange. Keep reading to know more about SimpleSwap in detail. 

Mobile AppAvailable on both android and iOS devices.
FeesNo withdrawal fee. Charges network fee.
SecurityHigh-security system
Best ForEveryone looking for simple and fast exchanges without registration.
ProsSimple user interface.
Excellent referral and affiliate program.
Loyalty program with up to 0.4% BTC cashback.

Summary (TL;DR)

  • SimpleSwap is an instant crypto trading exchange launched in 2018.
  • Allows crypto to crypto and fiat to crypto exchange. 
  • Supports more than 400 cryptocurrencies.
  • Has its own wallet called SimpleHold.
  • Does not require signing up signing up to make exchanges.
  • It accepts payments via Visa and Mastercard.
  • It has launched its own coin SWAP token that can be used to take part in the SimpleSwap Loyalty Program and buy goodies from the SimpleSwap gift shop.
  • Being a registered customer allows you to view your exchange history and track the exchange status, as well as gives special advantages like access to the Loyalty Program by SimpleSwap.
  • The Loyalty Program allows its users to get Bitcoin cashback for every finished exchange on SimpleSwap. At first they gain 0.5% cashback in SWAP for every transaction and then can spend it to buy a BTC cashback subscription.
  • Does not charge any withdrawal fees.
  • Charges only network fees based on the cryptocurrency you are exchanging and if the swap is being made at a fixed rate or a floating rate.
  • It has a secure system that is compliant with the global crypto security norms.
  • Has an excellent customer support service system working 24/7.
  • Its mobile application is available on both Android and iOS devices.

What is SimpleSwap?

SimpleSwap is a cryptocurrency exchange based in the Marshall Islands that debuted in April 2018. It allows both crypto-to-crypto exchange and fiat-to-crypto transactions. There is no deposit storage; only quick coin exchanges are available. Furthermore, no registration is needed to make crypto exchanges.

It offers a diverse selection of coins, with 400+ coins available for purchase, as well as dependable service and 24-hour assistance. It also offers its own wallet, SimpleHold, and a fantastic affiliate program with a great variety of tools (such as API, affiliate links, widgets, etc.). Its easy user interface and speedy transactions attract a large number of customers. It has also created a Mobile App to make the crypto exchange process even more convenient. 



  • Dash: Dash is a cryptocurrency that is decentralized and runs on blockchain technology. All transactions are carried out without the involvement of a third party. It is currently one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies. To purchase Dash, visit the SimpleSwap site and select the currency you wish to swap.
  • Wallet: SimpleSwap has launched its very own wallet called SimpleHold. It accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a variety of other cryptocurrencies. Signing up for the wallet is free, and there is no need to supply SimpleSwap with private information. It employs AES to safeguard its clients’ private keys. Your assets are only accessible to you.
  • Affiliate Program: SimpleSwap’s affiliate program program presents you with a great opportunity to earn a 0,4% revenue share of the exchange amount if it is completed using your referral link on SimpleSwap. Add a referral link in your article or incorporate the SimpleSwap widget into your service to get a reward. 
  • Loyalty Program: SimpleSwap’s Loyalty Program allows users to get 0.5% payback in SWAP for each completed transaction and purchase a BTC cashback subscription. To do so, create a customer account and enable the Loyalty Program on the “Subscription” page. Make exchanges and collect SWAP. When you have enough SWAP tokens use them to purchase a Bitcoin cashback subscription. You can track your cashback in your Customer Account and request a payment there.
  • SWAP: SWAP (SimpleSwap Coin) is the first token released by SimpleSwap. It is the internal currency of the SimpleSwap Loyalty Program. SWAP holders can get BTC cashback subscriptions, unique branded goods for crypto enthusiasts, and other advantages. SimpleSwap Coins may also be earned as a reward for bounty campaigns, social media contests, and other activities.
  • Gift Shop: The SimpleSwap Giftshop allows SWAP holders to spend their tokens on products designed specifically for crypto fans. These items are exclusively available for SWAP owners. It is essential to know, however, that you may only spend 10,000 SWAP tokens each month at the Giftshop. T-shirts, sweaters, bottles, and bags are among the Giftshop items. To order something, head to the Giftshop and add the desired item to your Bag. Then, go to Bag and submit the order. When your order is verified, you will be emailed an address to which you need to send your SWAP to complete the transaction. When the SimpleSwap customer service team confirms your payment, they will dispatch your order and provide you a tracking code for your delivery.
Gift Shop
Gift Shop

SimpleSwap Review: Mobile Application

SimpleSwap is available on both web browsers as well as mobile applications. Its mobile application is supported by both iOS and Android. It does not require an account for making exchanges and enables quick transactions while supporting the features of this swap site on a web browser.

SimpleSwap Mobile Application
SimpleSwap Mobile Application

How to use SimpleSwap?

Read the following steps carefully to learn how to use SimpleSwap and trade on it:

  • Go to the SimpleSwap homepage.
  • This crypto exchange does not mandate registration to swap crypto, so you can start right away.
  • Then choose either the floating rate or fixed rate.
  • There is a chance that the cryptocurrency rate will fluctuate for the worse or for the better during a floating rate transaction. As a result, the amount you receive may fluctuate. Nothing can modify the amount you receive during a fixed rate exchange. These exchanges are immune to rate swings and market fluctuations.
  • Under the first drop-down list,choose the crypto or fiat currency you want to exchange.
  • Then in the second drop-down bar, select the cryptocurrency that you would like to buy.
  • Enter the recipient’s address and click on Exchange to complete the transaction.

Benefits of Registering

Even though SimpleSwap does not require its users to register, there are certain benefits to being a registered customer to this instant exchange. A customer account enables you to participate in their Loyalty Program.

With the Loyalty Program, you would earn Bitcoin cashback for all your finished exchanges on SimpleSwap. Aside from that, you will have access to your Exchange History, which will allow you to track all of your operations done through various devices.

SimpleSwap Review: Fees

SimpleSwap does not charge any withdrawal fees. It charges a network fee, depending on the crypto you buy. It accepts payments via Visa and Mastercard.

Is SimpleSwap Safe?

SimpleSwap offers a high level of security that is akin to that of some of the largest exchanges and platforms in the decentralized financial industry. The company’s wallet also has a good security rating as a consequence of its AES encryption technique. Because SimpleSwap does not keep any assets, it is not a common target for cyber assaults. Individuals are encouraged to examine all factors when evaluating safety and security, such as the exchange, protocols, and wallet.

SimpleSwap Review: Customer Support

SimpleSwap has a live chat that allows users to connect with the support team easily if they have a concern or a question. The support team has been able to maintain a high level of responsiveness and promptness in responding to users’ inquiries. Furthermore, the support staff may be reached by Twitter, Telegram, email, and other channels. Users may also look through the FAQ section to get answers to their questions.

SimpleSwap Review: Pros & Cons

Has attractive Loyalty and Affiliate programsYou might need KYC verification to settle some transaction disputes.
No Signing up requirement
No need for KYC verification
Instant transactions
No withdrawal fee
Secure system

SimpleSwap Review: Conclusion

SimpleSwap is a great platform for crypto exchange because it has more than 400 cryptocurrencies available, doesn’t require registration, and makes the exchange process simple and user-friendly. Furthermore, it allows purchasing crypto with Visa and Mastercard.

SimpleSwap provides innovative features like its Affiliate and Loyalty program as well as its SWAP coin. Its gift shop is a cool attraction for crypto fans. The SimpleSwap Mobile App is available on both Android and iOS devices. Overall, this crypto exchange is a great platform for beginners as it facilitates speedy transactions and there is no hassle for signing up.

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