How to Claim your Product on CoinCodeCap?

Claim your Product
Anyone can list crypto products on CoinCodeCap. Most of the time, we list a lot of crypto products. However, at any time, if you want to own your product page on CoinCodeCap, here are the steps. Steps to Claim your product on CoinCodeCap Here are the steps to claim your…

How to Create a Crypto Deal on CoinCodeCap?

How to Create Crypto Deals
Products listed on CoinCodeCap can create crypto deals. You need to own the product page in order to create a deal. Note: If your product is listed on CoinCodeCap by someone else and you want to own the page, please check here. Steps to create a deal Login to CoinCodeCap Go to your…

Crypto Deals — A New Way to Buy and Sell Products

Crypto Deals
At CoinCodeCap, we want to help users to find the best products that fit their needs and provide a platform for products to help them to find new customers. With our latest feature, “Crypto Deals,” we will be helping both products and our users at the same time. Users can…

Beacon Chain: Heart of Ethereum 2.0

Ethereum Beacon Chain
Beacon Chain is the heart of Ethereum 2.0. It is the base upon which the rest components like Shard, eWasm, and cross-link will be built. It (PoS based chain) will run parallelly with the Mainnet (PoW based chain). Beacon chain is mainly made for the validators.