Mudrex vs TokenSets vs NapBots 2021

This article will compare three popular crypto trading bots providers, Mudrex, TokenSets, and NapBots, and highlight unique characteristics that make them suitable for automated crypto trading.

Summary (TL;DR)

  • There are various crypto trading bots providers, and this article will deal with Mudrex, TokenSets, and NapBots.
  • Napbots is a fully accessible crypto platform that is cloud-based and IA-powered.
  • Mudrex is an automated crypto trading platform that aims to make cryptocurrency investing more accessible to a wider population.
  • Tokensets is a cloud-based automated trading platform to make portfolio management as seamless as possible.
  • NapBots‘ price packages are likewise divided into three distinct options starting at EUR 7.
  • Mudrex comes in two plans, free and $16/month in the annual plan.
  • Tokensets is a DeFi platform, currently, it does not have a fee system, making them a great investment choice.

Why Crypto Trading Bots?

In recent years, the crypto sector has seen an explosion, and by 2020, all major cryptos may have seen their most successful year ever. In a turbulent and bustling market, manual trading is tough to sustain. It is now almost impossible to manually watch price movements, trade stocks, and consistently make gains.

In the long run, this might increase automated trading systems, which include several features designed to make trading more comfortable. Users may either create their trading strategies or replicate trading methods employed by professional traders on these platforms.

What is NapBots?

Napbots is a fully automated, cloud-based, and IA-powered crypto solution available to everyone. You can choose to complete your transactions based on your chosen crypto strategy. However, you can also follow the strategies of professional traders with more than 15 years of expertise. 

Napbots offers an automated bot service for the crypto trading system, enabling customers to increase returns and reduce losses. Price is the central database, and both trend and mean reversal approaches are provided by the team (weekly, daily, and hourly). 

Mudrex vs TokenSets vs NapBots: Napbots
Mudrex vs TokenSets vs NapBots: Napbots

NapBots is moreover a trading company capable of accommodating investors in many fields. For novices or casual traders, leave the bot to do all of the jobs and allow “Bot Only Mode.” It is the only bot in the market that combines tactics. 

The initial stage for individuals to set their bot is to select among the eight primary Bitcoin exchanges. The platforms stores your assets in different trading platforms. A few examples include Coinbase, Kucoin, and HitBTC

To learn more, read the Napbots review.

What is Mudrex?

Mudrex is a cutting-edge cloud-based automated crypto investing platform that promises to make crypto investment accessible to the general public. Users may either invest in pre-made strategies or create and invest in their own at Mudrex. At Mudrex Invest, you may invest in automated trading bots if you want the specialists to handle your strategy. These bots completely automate your trading, and they’re available on a variety of crypto exchanges.

Mudrex vs TokenSets vs NapBots : Mudrex
Mudrex vs TokenSets vs NapBots : Mudrex

Without writing a single line of code, Mudrex allows you to create, backtest, and publish your own strategies utilizing revolutionary trading bots. To learn more, read the Mudrex review.

What is Tokensets?

Tokensets is a DeFi solution that aims to make asset management simple and decentralized. Tokensets allow traders to construct their own sets or purchase sets created by other traders to construct a portfolio. The platform helps you to construct a multi-token portfolio. The user interface is clean and informative, and purchasing and starting with a set is simple.

Mudrex vs TokenSets vs NapBots: TokenSets
Mudrex vs TokenSets vs NapBots: TokenSets

Mudrex vs TokenSets vs NapBots: Pricing

When it comes to Crypto Trading, there is a variety of charges to consider. For example, a one-time registration fee, a monthly membership fee, or simply profit-sharing may be charged. 

TokenSets, Mudrex, and Napbots do not influence the fees applied by the crypto exchange accounts to which they link to execute your transactions. They do, however, charge registration fees and commissions for their cryptocurrency bots.

Napbots Pricing

NapBots comes with three different plans based on the volume of budget and trade. The trading limit for each bundle is $25,000. Thus, monthly prices range from EUR 7 to 99: 

  • The Silver Plan, which costs €7 per month, includes weekly trading bots with budgets up to 1000 euros. 
  • Gold Plan costs €39 per month and includes two unique allocation and leverage strategies per week. You can spend a maximum sum of EUR 3,000. 
  • The €99 Platinum Plan provides you with access to all features and all the trading bots of the platform.

Mudrex pricing

Investors at Mudrex do not have to pay a fee to utilize the site, unlike other major automated trading platforms. When investing in a trading bot at Mudrex Invest, consumers pay a minimal fee. The cost varies according to the bot and can be as little as $5. Investors can start with a minimum investment of $150 on the site (excluding the fee). Mudrex Protect is another amazing feature of the site, allowing customers to obtain a complete refund if their plan does not produce a profit within a month.

The Mudrex Build platform, on the other hand, may be used to create and execute your strategy. It comes in both free and paid versions, with the free version simply you get to use all the basic features of the platform. Users may obtain unlimited backtests, all technical indicators, priority 24×7 assistance, and the option to publish their strategies on Mudrex for other users to trade on with the subscription edition, which costs $16/month on an annual subscription.

Mudrex Pricing
Mudrex Pricing

Tokensets Pricing

Tokensets a blockchain DeFi protocol and do not have any fees for now. According to the website, the company plans to charge a fee in the future, which they’ll be conveying through appropriate methods.

There is no specified minimum investment amount on the platform, but the purchasable sets are priced over $65, and many lucrative sets are priced beyond $500, with some even reaching $1000 and beyond. Thus, you’ll have to spend more than $1200 if you want to produce and distribute your own set. Traders can set the starting charge for any set anywhere from 0% and 10%, which is stated under the buy charge.

Tokensets: Sets
Tokensets: Sets

Mudrex vs TokenSets vs NapBots: Trading

Before jumping into investing your money you must know which bot to choose if you want to use Napbots, TokenSets, or Mudrex’s preconfigured bots.

Yet, you don’t need a specialized understanding of the market to participate in Napbot trading, for both novices and traders who choose not to use automation, but also for those who rely on the bot’s automats. This is the only BTC strategy-combining bot on the market. 

In short, according to market price changes, Napbots will engage in a similar activity to that of the user.

TokenSets vs Mudrex vs NapBots: Reliability


Napoleon Group is under the rules of the AMF (the alternative market facility), and its sister product, Napbots, is an AI-powered and cloud-based solution that makes it easy for anybody to trade cryptocurrency.  

Thus, trades can be conducted for you, depending on the crypto strategy selected from the range of available strategies. These techniques are designed by experienced quantitative traders who have spent over 15 years working at some top financial organizations.


The platform came into existence in 2019 and has amassed a sizable investor base in a short period. Mudrex, based in San Francisco and supported by Y-Combinator, has over 10,000 investors and a $500 million total transaction value. The platform has included several security measures to assist customers to invest safely, including two-factor authentication (2FA), no withdrawal authorization for APIs, and lightning-fast customer assistance.


TokenSets is a California-based company that was founded in 2018. With over 7,500 members on the site, the platform has seen a lot of activity in a short period. The platform demands an Ethereum deposit to begin investing in sets.

A reputable platform is vital for each investor since it allows them to invest freely and make better selections. As a result, we rank NapBots as the most reliable platform in terms of security and transparency.

Mudrex vs TokenSets vs NapBots: Conclusion

This review can claim that NapBots is the ideal automatic trading platform for crypto traders. As a bonus, Napbots delivers a great user experience combined with a safe trading platform.

NapBots offers an easy-to-use bitcoin trading platform with: 

  • An algorithm that trades the market data for you 
  • Crypto trading bot library so that you may make your trading methods 
  • 24/7 automated trading autopilot 
  • An easy-to-use interface so that you can quickly use NapBots‘ proven techniques to generate money. 
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