MEXC Global (Previously MXC Exchange) Review: Is it Scam or Legit? [2022]

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Cryptocurrency sparked a lot of curiosity on the Internet. It was mocked, threatened, and gradually embraced and became a part of our lives. This MEXC Global review will let you know in detail how you can deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency on this platform.


  • It has a solid founding team of blockchain industry veterans and experts from Wall Street, Japan, and Europe.
  • Contributions to the society: MX holders will receive 60% of trading fees as a bonus, with the remaining 40% used to repurchase and burn their native MX tokens every month.
  • User-friendly: MX token holders will vote on how the group will run and the MEXC Global team members.

What is MEXC Global (Previously MXC Exchange)? 

MEXC Global Exchange, founded in April 2018, is one of the world’s leading digital asset trading platforms. The team’s key members originate from world-class businesses and investment firms, and they have extensive expertise in the blockchain and financial sectors.

It can provide users with one-stop services for digital assets, such as spot, margin trading, leveraged ETF, and contract trading, as well as PoS staking. It not only assembles an accomplished safety team but also collaborates with top-tier security firms to secure the integrity of the user’s assets.

MEXC Global has applied for enforcement licenses in five countries since its inception, namely Switzerland, Canada, Australia, and the United States. English, Russian, Korean, Portuguese, Turkish, Vietnamese, Hindi, Malay, India, Africa, and other language areas or nations have users.

MXC Trading Platform
MEXC Global Trading Platform

MEXC Global (Previously MXC Exchange) Review: Trading Experience

Various exchanges have distinct trading features. It would help if you decided which trading perspective is best for you. All of the views have in common that they all present the order book, a portion of the order book, a price chart of the selected cryptocurrency, and an ordering background. They usually have to purchase and sell boxes as well. Until you pick an exchange, please look at the trading view to ensure that it looks good to you. The image below depicts the trading view at MEXC Global in “technical mode”:

MXC Bitcoin to USDT trading interface
MEXC Global Bitcoin to USDT trading interface

The MEXC Global trading interface was clean and straightforward to use, in my opinion. Sell and buy orders are explicitly shown, but no other details, such as real-time transactions, order book, or maps, are provided. I Liked the two chart displays provided: regular and TradingView, the latter of which has added charting functions for advanced trading strategies.

One minor complaint about the Exchange is that their email headers are all in Chinese, likely because the Exchange is still very successful in China and targeted the local audience. Still, the emails could be a little confusing for non-Chinese speakers. 

The email subject lines of MXC are Chinese
The email subject lines of MEXC Global are Chinese

MEXC Global Review: Supported Currencies and Payment Methods

MXC accepted payment methods (Now MEXC Global) include bank transfers, AliPay, and credit cards such as Visa or Mastercard. The Exchange accepts the following fiat currencies: VND, RMB, AUD, EURO, GBP, PESO(MXN), EURO, and USD. Furthermore, MEXC Global Exchange only accepts cryptocurrencies for purchase: BTC, USDT, ETH, XRP, EOS,  LTC, BCH, and TRX.

MXC Fees (Now MEXC Global)

MXC Trading Fees (Now MEXC)

MXC exchange (Now MEXC exchange) has several exchanges tariff what are known as taker fees from takers and maker fees from manufacturers. The primary option is to charge “flat” rates. Flat fees imply that the Exchange costs the same amount to both the taker and the manufacturer.

This Exchange charges a flat rate of 0.20 per cent per transaction. This amount is a little less as compared to the global industry average (arguably 0.25 per cent). So, in terms of trading rates, MEXC Global has an edge due to its competitive offering.

MXC Withdrawal Fees (Now MEXC)

When it comes to settling on which Exchange to trade, it is essential to consider its withdrawal fees. The withdrawal fee, irrespective of the number of cryptocurrency units withdrawn, is set. It differs from cryptocurrency. MXC withdrawal fee (Now MEXC) is 0.0005 BTC for BTC withdrawals. That’s also a little lower than the industry average. The average BTC withdrawal fee in the global industry is approximately 0.0008 BTC.

MEXC Global Review: Deposit Method

MXC deposit methods (Now MEXC) include wire transfers but credit cards are not accepted. This could be problematic if you choose to make a payment through your credit card for some reason. Even then, since