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Ever wondered why cryptocurrency exchanges do not provide advanced tools for trading?

In fact, providing tools for trading is not an exchange’s business in traditional markets. An exchange is supposed to provide a matching engine and trading related data.

However, that is changing with the new approach cryptocurrency exchanges are taking. 

Certainly, an exchange’s prime focus still remains to provide a matching engine and enough liquidity to the traders.

So even if they do provide a trading platform via their website or native apps, those usually only have basic tools. In most cases, the user experience is horrible.

That is where HyperLinq comes in. They have created a beautiful native desktop application that is super easy to use and is packed with advanced features that exchanges do not provide.

In this article, we will review HyperLinq’s native desktop application, HyperTrader, which helps cryptocurrency traders to organize smarter, analyze better, and trade faster.

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Summary (TL;DR)

HyperTrader by HyperLinq is amazingly easy to use trading terminal for crypto traders who wish to utilize advanced tooling to improve their trading performance.

Currently beta is available for you to try, and subscriptions will begin soon. Currently supports Binance, Binance JE, Binance US, Coinbase Pro, Coinbase Prime, KuCoin.

Trading wizard
Trading wizard: HyperTrader Review

HyperTrader Features

HyperTrader has many features that help improve trading efficiency of a trader. Regardless of if you are a novice trader or a pro trader, you need these enhanced tools to outperform in the market.

Here are some excellent features, worth a mention, that makes life so much easier for crypto-traders: 

  • Add multiple accounts from different exchanges into the same portfolios.
  • Track the performance of the coins in those portfolios.
  • Add multiple accounts from the same exchange.
  • TradingView chart integration.
  • Split charts up to 4 and load different coins at the same time.
  • Trading from charts.
  • Update live orders without canceling right from the charts.
  • Advance order types.
  • The Breakeven indicator on charts helps reduce losses.
  • Superfast data updates. In fact faster than an exchange website in some cases.
  • Deeper insights into your trading performance with detailed PnL analysis.
  • Built-in crypto screener

Check out the HyperTrader video tutorial for how to place a stop-limit order on HyperTrader. See how easy it is to put new orders and then live-update them when needed.

HyperTrader review: Video Tutorial

Apart from these, they do have more features in the pipeline, available on their roadmap:

  • Copy-trading
  • Signals marketplace
  • Strategy builder
  • Bot trading

They currently have 6 spot exchanges integrated and derivative exchanges like Binance Futures and ByBit are coming soon. Currently, available spot exchanges are Binance, Binance US, Binance JE, Coinbase Pro, Coinbase Prime, KuCoin.

Getting Started

Getting started is very easy – simply download the application, install, enter your email.

Once you create your account, add your API keys and that’s it! The app will automatically fetch all your data and prepare PnL analysis, track your portfolio, and open positions.

From there, you can start managing your orders and trades. You can read more about getting started on their help doc here. They have an excellent product guide to guide you through all the features.

User Experience

One of the most important aspects of HyperTrader is how easy it is to use. Even if you are a novice trader, it’s intuitive UI doesn’t even need explaining.

The UI is slick, clean, and is minimalistic. It is a delight to use this app unlike many of HyperLinq’s competitions like Coinigy that do not provide such user experience.

You can find the information you need really easily and that helps you make better decisions fairly quickly.

Something that really stands out is how swiftly you can update an existing live order. All the open orders are shown directly on the charts and you can simply drag them up and down to update the prices.

Another great example is how the app automatically calculates the breakeven points for your trades and also includes the fees. No more copy-pasting your trades to an excel sheet to figure out where to close your positions so that you do not make a loss. This is such a time saves and stress reliever.

Features like these make this app an excellent choice if the user experience is paramount to you. HyperTrader indeed helps you organize smarter, analyze better and trade faster!

Performance and Security

So, what about security? HyperLinq’s apps are passwordless and use email to second step verify the identity. They also have plans to implement MFA using Google authenticator or a similar app. They encrypt all user data at rest and also at transit. You can read more about HyperLinq’s security here.

We hinted about superior performance at the beginning of this review. We found that data is fast and faster in some cases as compared to exchanges themselves. 

For example, the chart data for Binance spot updates twice as faster and Binance website. Market orders execute extremely quickly.

In fact, you can update live orders in a blink of an eye by dragging the order markers up or down right on the charts. 

PnL analysis is accurate and instantaneous. If you buy a coin, the breakeven indicator instantly updates and also takes care of the fees to show you the exact open position and the price to sell at to make zero loss.

HyperTrader Compared with other products

There are many similar products in the market that allow you to connect to exchanges via APIs and manage your crypto portfolio and or manage orders. But HyperTrader is different. 

Instead of prioritizing many exchanges at the get-go, they are focusing on usability, efficiency, and speed.

Their design is minimalistic and intuitive. They do not overload you with information that you do not need. They do not have too many layout configurations which of course adds to the complexity to user experience.

While some of these are a plus for HyperTrader, we do understand that some users might think otherwise in some cases like the lack of customization of the UI layouts, or perhaps their choice of exchange is not integrated yet. 

For UI layouts and customization, obviously HyperLinq has its own design philosophy which I absolutely like. Regarding exchanges, give it some time.

They do have 6 spot exchanges and two derivative exchanges are coming soon. The app is pretty new and still in beta. We all know it takes time to integrate exchanges.

One of the biggest plus points for HyperTrader is PnL analysis. I have not come across another platform that analyses your trades as HyperTrader does. You get so many insights into your trades that help you improve your trading.

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HyperTrader PnL analysis review
HyperTrader PnL analysis review

What also sets HyperLinq apart from its competition is its superior customer service. Their live chat support is built right into the app.

From our experience, their mean response time on live chat has been under a minute. They do not ask you to send an email and then ghost you as it is pretty prevalent with other companies.


HyperTrader is currently in beta and they do have special perks for beta traders, so do check them out.

They do plan to do the formal launch sometime in July. Pricing will be announced soon. But what we gathered from the HyperLinq team, the pricing will have different tiers and the starting price will be very affordable.


HyperTrader is very promising as it seems today and looking forward to the new features they are promising as per their roadmap

Obviously, HyperLinq is not the first company to develop an all-in-one app to help crypto traders for multiple exchanges, but indeed they seem to be the best so far. I am looking forward to the advanced order types they have listed here.

HyperLinq does have a growing discord community if you wish to connect with other traders. Worth mentioning, their customer support is beyond amazing.

At least it is worth a try!

Download HyperTrader today and sign up as a beta user for free.

Let us know what you think about our HyperTrader review in the comment section.

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