How to Create a Crypto Deal on CoinCodeCap?

Products listed on CoinCodeCap can create crypto deals. You need to own the product page in order to create a deal.

Note: If your product is listed on CoinCodeCap by someone else and you want to own the page, please check here.

Steps to create a deal

  • Login to CoinCodeCap
  • Go to your profile from the top right corner
  • There you will see all the products you have listed
  • Click on the product for which you want to create a deal
  • On the product page, you will see an option “Dashboard
  • It will take your seller dashboard.
  • There you can see your products and the option to “Create Deal“.
  • It will open a widget using which you can create the deal.
Deal Widget on CoinCodeCap

How to create a deal which people love?

  • Give a price discount that will entice users for impulse buying
  • There are multiple types of deals that you can create but prefer lifetime and annual deals. 
  • If your product is already free, then give some freebies to get new users.
  • Mention all your product offering in the “What are you offering the Plan” section
  • If there are any manual steps involved to get the deal, add them in the description. 
  • Make your deal simple and straight forward.

Frequently Asked Questions about Crypto Deals

Q- Do we charge anything for Crypto deals?

A- No, everything is free.

Q- Who can create Crypto Deals?

A- Anyone who listed a product can create a deal for their listed product.


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