Introducing the ‘Warning’ symbol

Understanding code is like reading a book. A machine can do objective analysis based on parameters like word choices, sentence structures, grammar correctness but they are not able to answer questions like, “Is this book is a good read?” because it’s a subjective question.

Every word has a different meaning based on the context. Similar rules apply for the code and we understand this complexity. We use a lot of tools to perform a deeper analysis of the project’s code

This week we are introducing a ‘Warning’ symbol based on subjective analysis of the project.

Our subject analysis takes below parameters in account

  • Number of contributors
  • Project’s release frequency
  • Project’s codebase update frequency
  • Products delivered by the project

In the future, we will add more parameters to our analysis

We looked into each and every project listed on CoinCodeCap and issued ‘warning symbol’ to 49 projects.**

As we can only see open-source code if any of these projects have active private repositories that might change the analysis outcome for that particular project.

While doing our analysis, we found many projects have millions of $$ in market cap but no development activity. We are worried that exchanges are not doing due diligence and exposing investors to these toxic projects. 😟

If you are working in crypto exchange and reading this, let us know, we can help you do code base due diligence. 

We at CoinCodeCap aim to build accountability in the crypto ecosystem by carefully measuring the development activities. 

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* * Let us know if you disagree with our analysis. You can mail us at [email protected]


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