10 Best Crypto Exchange in Singapore [2021]

In this article, we have come up with the top 10 crypto exchanges in Singapore and talked about the products they offer to users. Looking at their products and features, any user can get an apt idea of what they expect from the platform.

Here go our top ten exchanges in Singapore: 

Exchanges/FeaturesAppWalletFeesLeverageSecurityCredit/ Debit Card
OkexAndroid & iOSAvailableTiered Trading feesAvailableCold and Hot wallet storage.Accepted
Huobi Global Android & iOSAvailableTiered Trading fees5xHighCredit cards Accepted
Kraken Android & iOSAvailableTiered Trading fees5x24/7 SurveillanceAccepted
Coinhako Android & iOSAvailableDepends on the CoinNAGoodVisa Cards Accepted
BitMEX Android & iOSAvailableDynamicUPTO 100xCold wallets usedNA
Gemini Android & iOSAvailableUPTO 10 Free WithdrawalsNot availableStandardAccepted
Luno Android & iOSAvailableDynamicNA Cold WalletCredit Card Accepted
Changelly Android & iOSAvailable only to Pro usersMinimalNA2FA and WhitelistingAccepted
Tokenize Android & iOSNALowUPTO 10xStandardNA
Crpto.comAndroid & iOSAvailableDynamicNAStandardAccepted

Top Crypto Exchange in Singapore: OKEx

What is OKEX?

OKEX is a crypto exchange platform serving more than a hundred countries and users. The platform relies on Blockchain technology and provides excellent financial and investment services to traders. The OKEX fees have a tiered structure. Further, it offers spot trading, crypto lending, margin trading, options, perpetual swaps, mining, and many more services. To learn more, read the Okex exchange review.


Products Offered by OKEX

OKEX trading bot offers several exciting products to its users. Have a look at the image given below:

A brief explanation of the products offered:

  • Pool: Here, the traders can hedge the funds and do pool trading.
  • Bridge: This product allows the platform users to deposit the asset and then withdraw them.
  • OKEX Wallet: The platform offers a wallet feature for convenience. You can either download the app or use the web extension. 
  • OKB: OKB is the official utility token provided by Okex to its users.
Okex Features
Okex Features
  • Cloud Service: This product is dedicated in giving services like margin and leverage trading.
  • Secular Funds: Providing the users with the best security with hot and cold wallets following the utmost security protocols. 
  • OKEx Chain: The OKEx Chain is based on blockchain technology for trading and exchanging. 
  • Status: This product provides real-time information on platform updates, deposits and withdrawals of currencies, and platform maintenance provided.

Pros and Cons of OKEX

More than ten local currencies are available.Charges vary for regular and VIP users.
Okes is safe with high-security standards.It can get confusing for beginners.
Offer multiple features.
Pros and Cons of OKEX

Crypto Exchange in Singapore: Huobi Global

What is Huobi Global?

Huobi Global is a global crypto exchanging platform established in 2013. The platform has 385 crypto assets. It offers spot and margin trading. They also have derivatives like coin-margined futures and swaps. The platform also includes services like staking, pooling, Huobi earns, and more. Further, users also use the referral program to earn more. You can read our Huobi review to learn more about it.

Huobi Global
Huobi Global

Products Offered by Huobi Global

Huobi Global exchange offers a various range of products and gives remarkable services to its users. Have a look at the image provided below:

A brief for the significant products offered by Huobi Global:

  • Huobi Capital: This is the Huobi investment program that focuses on the projects and opportunities related to blockchain technology.
  • Huobi Global ecosystem fund: Huobi has created its ecosystem through its HT as its token. Through this, they are also cooperating and working in the upstream and downstream of blockchain technology. 
  • Huobi Eco Chain: This platform has developed a HECO chain for developers and users to explore decentralised apps, assets, and contracts at a low cost with an efficient platform. 
  • Huobi DeFi Labs: The Huobi global platform invests in improving DeFi to develop a better financial world. Their vision is to work with the DeFi community and grow it.
  • Trading bot: Huobi offers its in-house