Crypto Deals — A New Way to Buy and Sell Products

At CoinCodeCap, we want to help users to find the best products that fit their needs and provide a platform for products to help them to find new customers.

With our latest feature, “Crypto Deals,” we will be helping both products and our users at the same time.

Users can access new Crypto Deals from the top navigation bar.

Access Crypto Deals on CoinCodeCap

Crypto Deals for Newly Launched Products

There are two main problems which usually kill new products.

  • Getting early customers/feedback
  • Runway to survive (Either become profitable or raise funds)

With Crypto Deals, you can offer cheaper pricing to attract early customers and get a decent runway to survive.

Crypto Deals For Well established Products

Well-established products can use crypto deals to attack new users and experiment with their pricing. 

Products can create deals every month with different price offering to entice new users.

Users looking for buying your software can subscribe to deal updates. 

Crypto Deals for Users

Most of the users still look for freemium version or free software to save money. So they don’t experience how good softwares can enhance their productivity and turn into a positive investment. 

But with Crypto Deals, we want more users can afford these products and experience their offering.

We want more individuals and businesses to try new Crypto products at the best price available.


Get Best Crypto Deals