Review 2021 | Lending, Staking, Trading [Must Read] is a cryptocurrency platform founded in 2016 in Hong Kong. They have 10M+ active users and support over 90 countries with a team of 900 members.

They offer a complete ecosystem with crypto lending, staking, trading, payments, visa card, DeFi wallets, DeFi swaps, native CRO tokens, and the open-source permissionless blockchain. Review: Summary

  • offers a crypto ecosystem with a variety of products. 
  • Earn up to 6.5% on your crypto by staking using Crypto Earn. The interest rate depends on the amount you are staking.
  • Crypto Credit offers instant loans with a loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of up to 50%
  • Pay is a payment application that allows you to do mobile top-ups, gift cards, make payments, integrate payment gateways in your website, and earn rewards.
  • Visa Card is a prepaid visa card for cryptocurrency payments.
  • DeFi wallet is a non-custodial wallet that provides complete control over your funds and private keys.
  • App is a one-stop place to buy, sell, grow and manage your cryptocurrencies.
  • DeFi swap allows you to  farm and swap DeFi tokens directly from your DeFi wallet
  • Chain is an open-source, public, permissionless blockchain with high speed and low fees.
  • CRO is the native token of
  • Exchange provides a variety of features such as Margin, Spot, Derivatives Trading, Syndicate, and Supercharger.
  • The platform is entirely secure with a multi-tier multi-tier architecture with controls at every layer.
  • They also offer extensive customer support, and the website has information on all the products.

CRO Coin offers its native CRO token. It allows cross-asset intermediary currency settlement for the native Chain. The token is available on twenty-two exchanges globally. It sits 21st ranked at CoinMarketCap.The current volume of CRO is $215.47M, and its market cap is $3.58B

Benefits of using CRO

  1. You receive discounted fees, Priority token allocations, and higher earnings on
  2. Exclusive benefits of the MCO Visa Card and crypto mobile payment
  3. Better rates on Crypto Earn and Crypto Credit
  4. Decentralized Financial Offerings Products

1. Crypto Earn allows you to earn up to 6.5% on your crypto by staking. The interest is paid weekly in the coin you stake.

The following interest rates are if you are staking with a 5,000 or less CRO stake.

DurationSupported Coins (per annum)Supported Stablecoins (per annum)CRO (per annum)
Three months4.5%10%6%
One month3%8%4%

The following interest rates are if you are staking with a 50,000 or less CRO stake.

DurationSupported Coins (per annum)Supported Stablecoins (per annum)CRO (per annum)
Three months6.5%12%6%
One month4.5%10%4%
Flexible2%8%2% supports the following coins –

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • XRP
  • Binance
  • ChainLink
  • Maker
  • PAX Gold
  • Stellar
  • Cosmos
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Kyber Network
  • Elrond
  • Algorand
  • OMG
  • Celer
  • Vechain supports the following stable coins –

  • PAXOS Standard
  • USD Coin
  • Tether
  • TrueUSD
  • TrueGBP
  • TrueCAD
  • TrueAUD

2. Crypto Credit

Crypto Credit is an instant loan feature that allows you to borrow up to 50% of your crypto collateral. You can decide your credit limit and payback schedule. The crypto assets are monetized without even selling them. There are no statement deadlines or late fees. does not perform any credit check. 

The interest rate is 12% p.a, but if you stake 50,000 CRO or more, then the rate is 8% p.a.

3. Pay Pay is a payment application that allows you to pay with more than fifteen DeFi tokens such as BTC, ETH, USDC, LTC, CRO, and more.


  • Pay merchants 
  • Mobile Topups – You have to enter a mobile number, and they will let you know if they support the mobile operator. 
  • Gift Cards with 300+ Brands in 30+ Countries with 300,000+ shops. Some of them are Apple iTunes, Starbucks, eBay, Adidas, Airbnb Caribou Coffee, and more. 
  • Send free crypto to friends
  • Shop at leading online retailers such as Ledger, BCVAULT, and Coinzilla 

Additionally, you will also receive pay rewards depending upon the category.

Category10,000 CRO Stake in the App/Exchange, or 10,000 CRO in Earn for 3 MonthOthers
Send Crypto To Friends10%
Food and Beverage10%5%
Taxi, Fashion, Groceries, Entertainment, Telecommunications5%2.5%
Hotels, Airlines, Diesel, Gas2.5%1.25%
Mobile AirTime5%2.5% Pay Pay

They also have a payment gateway that you can integrate with the website. The API documentation makes the integration easier. You can sign up for the same here. Currently, it has been integrated with WooCommerce, OpenCart, and more. The merchants can manage their transactions through the dashboard. Payments Dashboard Payments Dashboard

4. Metal Visa Card

The Card is a prepaid visa card. They can be topped up using cryptocurrency, bank transfers, and credit/debit cards.

To apply for this card, you need to stake CRO tokens for 180 days. The amount of these tokens depends on the card tier you wish to use. The cards are divided into five tiers. It is necessary to complete KYC verification. The exchange rates depend on the card tier you use.

All card rewards are paid in CRO and are deposited directly in your crypto wallet. They are reflected in your wallet as soon as the transaction gets completed. The card benefits include Netflix, Spotify, Prime, Airbnb, Expedia, and other subscriptions. You can check more about them here

The purchase rebates are reimbursed in USD. The rebate cap is reset on the first day of each month. Metal Visa Card Metal Visa Card

5. App App is the one-stop