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Let’s face it guys, building Blockchain-based Crypto Products is quite tedious, requires sufficient capital and time apart from the steep learning curve involved in this ever-growing field. In this article, we will review Crypto APIs, which help you build blockchain businesses faster than ever.

Crypto APIs users can build their POCs and crypto Products from the three flagship services namely Blockchain APIs, Crypto Market Data APIs, and Trading APIs.

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Crypto APIs Usecase

Crypto APIs provide Blockchain APIs, Crypto Market Data APIs, and Trading APIs. Using Crypto APIs developers can save a lot of time and costs from running the Blockchain nodes themselves. They can concentrate on their niche and build products faster at a fraction of the price. 

A few use cases which intrigue Crypto APIs clients are as follows: 

Crypto Wallet

To build a Crypto Wallet you will need to integrate and setup all the coins which you intend to support. The more coins you integrate, the more developers and server costs you will have to incur.

Using Crypto APIs, developers can start with any of the supported protocols at once and rely upon Crypto APIs to add new protocols all the time without any hassles. 

With Blockchain API, you can generate a hot wallet for each user, get a notification for all wallet events, auto-forward the funds to a cold wallet, check the balance, check wallet transactions, etc.

Using Crypto Market Data APIs, you can get cryptocurrencies and FIAT current prices instantly.

Crypto Exchange

If you are looking for the fastest way to build a crypto exchange, then Crypto APIs has the perfect solution. In order to build a reliable, secure, and stable crypto exchange you need to invest a lot of time and money. Therefore, Crypto APIs is powering not only the largest exchanges but also small and local digital asset exchanges.

By using Crypto APIs, you could save time and huge development costs. Your go-to-market strategy will be much faster.

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Crypto Trading Platform

To build a trading platform similar to 3commas or Cryptohopper you need to integrate top exchanges, the bigger the exchanges are, the more users you can attract. Using Crypto APIs’ Exchanges & Wallets Account Management you can get access to 50+ exchanges immediately.

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Using Crypto Market Data APIs, you can get cryptocurrencies and FIAT current rates, quotes, trades, etc. instantaneously. 

Blockchain Explorer

The reasons why users adopt Blockchain are: Confidentiality, Verifiability, and Auditability.

But in order to achieve that, users should be able to easily check what is happening on a blockchain node without the need to set up their own nodes, store huge amounts of data in local Databases, etc. That’s why every Blockchain starts with at least one explorer, which is a website or mobile application that shows all the data on the blockchain (nodes, blocks, transactions, etc.).

Building a Blockchain Explorers like Blockcypher or is much easier with Crypto APIs as they have all the needed data and ready endpoints. They have gone as far as building a ready responsive and open-source block explorer that supports all blockchain protocols.

Apart from the above-mentioned Crypto Currency Products, There are more than 10+ use cases for Crypto APIs clients which can be found here

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Crypto APIs Pros and Cons


  • Users don’t have to run, develop, and maintain their own Blockchain Nodes. 
  • Users can Create & Check wallets, balances, addresses, and contracts
  • Making transactions or payment forwarding much more manageable 
  • Easy to Optimize and manage gas fees with in-built features.
  • Exchange Rates by market and by exchange (Historical and Live)
  • Sparkline & Exchange Rate & ATH & Supply Endpoints (Historical and Live)
  • Coins Information (Price, Market Cap, Supply, Historical change, etc.)
  • Exchanges Information (Volume, Pairs, Quotes, Trades, etc.)
  • Get a balance from Crypto Exchange
  • Get Deposit Addresses


  • Working knowledge of blockchain protocols required

Crypto APIs Features

10+ Integrated blockchains (Testnet & Mainnet).

  • Users can get node information like difficulty, headers, chain work, blocks, transactions, verification progress, etc
  • Block endpoints give users details like information for a particular block in the blockchain regarding its Hash, Height, and Latest addition to the chain.
  • Blockchains are highly transactional systems. Many usage patterns require knowing when an event occurs. Crypto APIs provide users with push APIs to facilitate those use cases and support both WebSockets and Webhooks.
  • Payment Forwarding API is the easiest way to accept—and consolidate—payments securely without forcing the users to create accounts and jump through unnecessary loops, allowing automatic transfer of value from one address to another.

How it works

To start using Crypto APIs, clients need to register, login, and choose which of the APIs they will be going ahead with i.e. Blockchain APIs, Market Data APIs, or Trading APIs. The Client then can go ahead and generate their API Keys to start building their product.

Here is how the dashboard looks like for the users: 

Crypto api dashboard
Crypto api review

Comparison with Other Products

With the services and products which Crypto APIs provide, it is often compared with Blockcypher. One of the greatest advantages of Crypto APIs is that it doesn’t charge any commission on transaction fees.

User Experience


Crypto APIs has different pricing plans depending upon the user’s requirements, which could range from the Free Plan meant for Personal Use all the way up to the Enterprise Plans for full-fledged Funded Projects. Check pricing details here.

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Crypto APIs provide turnkey solutions that allow anyone to connect to the blockchain nodes and focus on product/project development. In this regard, their 3 flagship products namely Blockchain APIs, Market Data APIs, Trading APIs are the perfect fit for those who don’t have time, money, or energy to run and maintain their own nodes and are looking for ready to deploy API integration solutions in their systems.

Let us know what you think about our Crypto APIs review in the comment section below.

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