Top 8 Crypto Affiliate Programs – Earn Passive Income

Affiliate Programs will help you get some by just referring people and successfully enrolling them to the platform. Hence, there are different affiliate programs available, and you’d surely want to pick up the one best suited for you. 

Summary (TL;DR)

  • An affiliate program is where an affiliate promotes another person’s company through their affiliate links.  
  • CoinCodeCap lets you become an affiliate and earn 20% commissions without any sign-ups. [Click here to know more]
  • Bybit offers users a 30% commission which is two times higher than the industry standard. 
  • Cryptohopper makes all the payments of its affiliates through Cryptohopper Balances.  
  • After ten invitees, you earn up to a 20% commission rebate on Pionex
  • PrimeXBT provides its traders with various offers to earn passive income. 
  • BlockFi and BitKan allow any number of referrals. 
  • BOXTradEx pays the highest commission in affiliate programs. 

1st Affiliate Program: CoinCodeCap

What is CoinCodeCap?

We provide crypto educational content and also provide crypto trading signals to our members. Further, we offer technical and fundamental analysis of crypto signals. We provide signals exclusive to our subscribers, and none of your personal data is required to follow the signals. We are the people behind Coinmonks publication, a non-profit educational platform running since 2018. Here the content is based on reviews, crypto assets, different platforms, etc. Additionally, our best crypto signals group provides you with an opportunity to interact with our professional trading team.

Affiliate Program: CoinCodeCap
Affiliate Program: CoinCodeCap

How does the CoinCodeCap affiliate program work?

We offer an affiliate program through which users can use their influence to get more traders to sign-up to our platform and earn a part of their subscription fees. You can make a passive income by sharing your affiliate link with your audience and waiting for them to join. There are no sign-ups needed to become an affiliate and it comes with the below benefits:

  • You can earn commissions from friends or your audience and start making a passive income. 
  • The commissions on your referrals are up to 20%. 
  • Users will gain access to the best crypto signals.
CoinCodeCap affiliate
CoinCodeCap affiliate

Bybit: Best Crypto Exchange Affiliate Program

What is Bybit?

Bybit is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to trade different types of crypto markets. Moreover, Bybit also allows you to leverage your investments, increasing your profits but amplifying your risks; it is not suitable for beginners. The crypto trading platform was founded in 2018. The crypto trading platform was founded in March 2018, and till now, it has over three million+ registered users.

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Top Affiliate Programs by Bybit

How does Bybit Affiliate Program work?

You can sign up for Bybit’s affiliate program if you want to connect with a rapidly-growing cryptocurrency trading platform to maximize influence and profits. Lifetime commissions are provided to their partners if they join the affiliate program. In addition, users who sign up through their partner’s link and actively trade on Bybit will get calculated in real-time. To learn more, also read out Bybit review.

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  • The commission rate is more than two times higher than industry standards. 
  • You will receive a monthly recurring revenue share for every client you refer to Bybit.
  • There’s a 30% commission in Bybit’s profits from your client’s trades. Additionally, you will also get 10% of what your sub-affiliates earn