CoinCodeCap Ranking Algorithm

Update (04–01–2019)

We have updated the commit calculation on, now we are including commits only from original Repos (Repos created by project not forked from other projects).

We are building CoinCodeCap to rank cryptocurrencies based on their tech development, you can read our motivation behind it here. We are currently gathering all repositories of any CryptoCurrencies. Our ranking algorithm major all the repositories of any cryptocurrency project, So it’s not based on any particular repository of a Crypto project.

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For example — Etherum project has more than 100 repositories. We major all of them while calculating our ranks.

CoinCodeCap rank (C3 Rank) get calculated based on CoinCodeCap Points (C3 Points).

Point Calculation/Ranking Algorithm –

C3 Point = Commits * 5 + Forks * 2 + Stars * 1;

We are currently including 4 parameters.

Commits — TotalCommit to the Project (Including all repositories).

Forks — Total forks on the Project (Including all repositories).

Stars — Total stars on the Project (Including all repositories).

Contributors — Total number of contributors (Including all repositories).

Currently, We are collection last 52 weeks commit (Rolling window).

We will add more data points which will improve our ranking algorithm.

If you have any suggestion, comment below.

Update (19–03–2018) — We are not including forked Repository while calculation points/rank.

Update (26–03–2018) — Added total number of contributors, We are not including forked Repository contributors while calculation points/rank.

Update(3–04–2018) —

We have revamped Coincodecap, Not we have a List which shows Commit Ranking — Rank Solely based on commits in a given time.

The card page will show overall project ranking, Overall project ranking based on Above algo.


Q — What is a Repository?

A — A repository is the most basic element of GitHub. They’re easiest to imagine as a project’s folder. A repository contains all of the project files (including documentation), and stores each file’s revision history. Repositories can have multiple collaborators and can be either public or private.

Q — What is a Commit?

A — A commit, or “revision”, is an individual change to a file (or set of files). It’s like when you save a file, except with Git, every time you save it creates a unique ID (a.k.a. the “SHA” or “hash”) that allows you to keep record of what changes were made when and by who. Commits usually contain a commit message which is a brief description of what changes were made.

Q — What is a Fork?

A — A fork is a personal copy of another user’s repository that lives on your account. Forks allow you to freely make changes to a project without affecting the original. Forks remain attached to the original, allowing you to submit a pull request to the original’s author to update with your changes. You can also keep your fork up to date by pulling in updates from the original.

Q — What is a Star?

A — Read here.

Q — What is a Watcher?

A — Read here.

We at CoinCodeCap rank cryptocurrencies based on their Github activity. We believe investors should aware of cryptocurrency development progress. We provide multiple services, you can reach us at [email protected].

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