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Proof of Stake Explained

Proof of Stake

The consensus is the key to every blockchain. It is the consensus that enforces transaction ordering. Among many other responsibilities, the consensus also helps in promoting honest actors and punish bad actors in the network.  Bitcoin introduced Proof-of-Work(PoW) as it’s…

How to Stake GRT in 2021?

How to Stake GRT

This article shall provide a detailed account of what is Graph Token(GRT) and GRT Staking. After that, we’ll also discuss where and how one can Stake GRT. Furthermore, we’ll guide you through various crypto exchanges or wallets where you can…

Crypto Lending vs Crypto Staking [2021]

Crypto Lending vs Crypto Staking

There are different ways to earn passive income in today’s world. However, some new methods and options are available for users, especially in the cryptocurrency market. The cryptocurrency market, along with a decentralized finance industry, helps people generate better passive…

A Guide to AscendEx Staking [2021]

AscendEx Staking

AscendEx, previously known as Bitmax, is the global crypto exchange platform, which supports over 100 cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, etc. This article will focus on staking services — AscendEx Staking (Bitmax Staking), Defi Yield Farming, and other features like Curve…

Bitfinex Staking – Earn Passive Income in 2021

Bitfinex staking

This article will discuss the staking service provided by Bitfinex exchange. We will also go through all the cryptocurrencies supported by Bitfinex for crypto staking, staking reward, etc. Before ending this article, we will also discuss the risks of staking…


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