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Polygon Dodges $850M Hack, Pays $2M Bounty

Polygon Dodges $850M Hack

Key Takeaways: Polygon has granted a $2 million reward to a white hat hacker who found a major vulnerability. According to Immunefi, this is the highest bounty ever given in DeFi. Gerhard Wagner discovered the vulnerability in the Polygon Plasma Bridge on October 5, which…

Avaterra Finance Hacked, Exposing Severe Flaws

Avaterra Finance Hacked

Key takeaways: Avaterra Finance has been hacked, leaving serious flaws in its coinage contracts Avaterra Finance suffered an exploit. Their chef contract is a Goose fork, but their token contained custom elements which includes a mint function that anyone could…

Bitcoin Reaches $66000, After U.S. ETF launch

Bitcoin Reaches $66000

Key takeaways: The world’s most valuable cryptocurrency was up 3.30 per cent at $66,364.72, having achieved a new high of $67,016.50, surpassing the previous high of $64,895.22 set on April 14 this year. Legendary trader Paul Tudor Jones’ positive comments…