Best 6 Binance Alternatives [2021]: Is Binance Going Down?

Amidst the latest regulatory suppression that Binance is facing worldwide, you might be looking for platforms that provide the same assortment of services that Binance does. Therefore, we bring you the 5 best Binance alternatives, which can cater to all your needs without compromising on other things.


Best Binance Alternatives

Why should you look for Binance alternatives?

Binance is under fire globally for not complying with regulations resulting in the banning or suspension of its activities in the UK, Japan, Germany, the US, and Malaysia, among the few. In addition, many countries allege that the platform was involved in money laundering and distributing tokens illegally.

Binance Leveraged Token Limitations, What’s the alternative now?

If the ban or suspension of its activities continues, it could mean trouble for the people holding assets on the platform. Therefore users must withdraw their investments and hold in on another platform that equates to the world’s largest bitcoin exchange or crypto exchange. So now the question is which platform can provide almost all the services Binance does.

Best Binance Alternatives

KuCoin, Bybit, or Coinbase can be the best alternatives to Binance. Furthermore, if you are in a region where Binance has taken a hit from the regulatory authorities, you might want to quickly and carefully plan your next steps. It starts with moving your assets to a safer alternative to Binance.

Let us discuss the features of the 5 platforms you could turn to in the meanwhile.

1. Cheapest Binance Alternative: Kucoin

Kucoin exchange provides numerous services to its users. It is a well-known platform with a mobile application and good customer support. Furthermore, to understand the platforms working better, read the KuCoin review.



  • The interface design of both the web exchange and the mobile application seems intuitive. 
  • You can buy crypto via various methods on the exchange.
    • Credit/ Debit card- Supports multiple currencies along with payment methods and channels.
    • P2P- Fiat/crypto trade with zero transaction fees. It is easy and secure.
    • Fast Buy- allows you to buy BTC/ ETH/ USDT/ PAX with a relatively low fee rate and multiple secure payment options.

KuCoin Products

The following products are integrated with the exchange.

  • Spot Trade
  • KuCoin Margin Trading
  • Contract or Futures
  • Pool-X
  • KuCoin Lending
  • KuCoin Staking

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With the help of these products, you can trade, stake, earn, borrow and swap cryptocurrencies. 

  • More additions to the platform functionalities include an inbuilt KuCoin crypto trading bot. Furthermore, the KuCoin trading bot comes under the five best GRID bots in the market.
  • Further, the platform also has a native Kucoin token called KCS.
  • Moreover, it has provisions for enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and setting a trading password required while making a trade.

KuCoin Fee Structure

There are different fees applicable for various purposes and the fee schedule the spot market is as below:

Fee Schedule: Spot
Fee Schedule: Spot

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