Best Smart Contract Wallets (DeFi Wallets)

A crypto wallet that interacts with smart contracts is called a smart contract wallet. In other words, these wallets enable different types of activities such as buying or selling tokens, token exchange, dapp interaction, trade, borrow or lend, etc. 

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Features of a smart contract wallet:

  • Borrow and lending crypto assets using different money protocols
  • Token sell, buy, exchange or trading
  • Enabling interactions with different Dapps


InstaDApp allows you to borrow and lend using Ethereum and other crypto assets by integrating with different money protocols. In addition, it also integrates with Uniswap exchange, when you can earn by adding your tokens to the liquidity pool. 

Features of InstaDapp

  • Borrow or Lend, Ethereum or other assets
  • Earn by adding liquidity on Uniswap exchange 
  • Protocol bridge to switch from MakerDao to Compound with one click
  • Support Single collateral and multi collateral Dai 
  • Web wallet with mobile-friendly UI

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DeFi borrowing and Lending using InstaDApp
DeFi borrowing and Lending using InstaDApp


Zerion integrates with multiple protocols and enables some core banking functionalities. Other than that, you can borrow, lend, exchange, or invest your assets using it. 

Features of Zerion

  • Borrow or Lend 
  • Exchange tokens using Uniswap
  • Earn by adding liquidity on Bancor and Uniswap
  • Available on the web as well as mobile 
  • Dashboard to check your assets
  • History of your financial interactions 

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Zerion Dashboard
Zerion Dashboard


Other than securing your cryptocurrencies, the Metamask wallet also allows you to interact with different Dapps. For instance, You can use these Dapps to buy, borrow, earn or lend Ethereum and other tokens. You can also use Metamask to trade, swap non-fungible tokens, and play games. 

Features of Metamask

  • Buy, borrow, lend your assets
  • Interact with Dapps
  • Token custody
  • Available on mobile and as a chrome plugin

Alpha Wallet and Coinbase wallet provide similar functionalities as Metamask.

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MetaMark mobile wallet
MetaMark mobile wallet showing different Dapps

Poketto Cash

Poketto is designed as a payment app using which you can send and request money from anyone. However, it uses xDai to reduce the transaction fee and to enable instant payments. It’s similar to Venmo, and you can assign addresses to your contacts. Poketto is entirely open-source.

Features of Poketto

  • Instant payments 
  • Uses xDAI (A version of DAI stablecoin)
  • Assign addresses to contacts
  • Available on mobile
Poketto Cash mobile wallet
Poketto Cash mobile wallet


Argent provides a free ENS name and covers the transaction fee for all your transactions. Therefore, it is very helpful to send crypto to your friends as every argent wallet gets a readable name.

Other than storing your tokens, you can also buy tokens from Decentralised exchanges using argent. 

Features of Argent

  • Token custody
  • Free transactions
  • Free ENS names to simplify addresses
  • Buy and sell tokens using Decentralized exchange
  • Earn interest by supplying tokens to the Compound protocol
  • Available on mobile
Argent mobile wallet
Argent mobile wallet

Wrapping Up…

As the crypto ecosystem will grow, we will see smart contract wallets will more capabilities. For now, most of the wallets only support Ethereum protocol, and it will be interesting to see these wallets supporting multiple smart contract protocols.

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