Best 6 Crypto Trading Signals Telegram Channels

It is tedious to find the right crypto trading signals provider. So, in this article, we will be talking about the best 6 crypto signals telegram channels.

Summary (TL;DR)

  • Crypto trading signals are provided by expert traders who determine assets’ prices through fundamental and technical analysis.
  • The admins post about a market opportunity in the respective telegram channel with all the details to complete a trade.
  • There are too many crypto signal providers in the market, and less than half of them are legit.
  • We provide you with some of the best crypto signals in the market through our CoinCodeCap Classic telegram channel.
  • Verified Crypto Traders or VCT is known for its fundamental YouTube videos and its veteran analyst has experience of over 30 years.
  • My Crypto Paradise provides you with personalized service and a personal coach available 24×7 throughout your plan.
  • Fat Pig Signals is one of the largest crypto signals telegram channels. However, they charge a very high annual fee of 1.25 ETH.
  • Crypto Quality Signals Premium comes with Gold and Silver plans and is one of the cheapest signal providers in the market.
  • Universal Crypto Signals offer the most diverse plans for its services as you can choose any of the six available plans.

What are Crypto Trading Signals?

It might take years for a trader to understand the nitty-gritty of the crypto market. Hence there exist crypto trading signals which provide you with market entry and exit points. 

Created by experienced crypto traders, signals provide entry, exit, and stop-loss for a given asset. Most of these trading signals are based on technical analysis.

To learn more you can read our article on what are crypto trading signals? If you’re a beginner in crypto trading, you can go through our guide to invest in cryptocurrency.

How do Crypto Trading Signals Work?

On subscribing to a plan, you will have to join a couple of telegram channels to receive updates containing trading opportunities. An update will contain one or multiple entry prices, exit prices, stop-loss, and other details. The admins of these channels post regular updates of market opportunities.

Best Crypto Trading Signals Telegram Channels

There are a ton of crypto trading signal providers in the market, and almost half of them are scams. So how are you supposed to determine which channel is best for you? Well, we have prepared a list of the 6 best crypto trading signal providers. 

1. CoinCodeCap Crypto Signals

We recently began providing crypto signals to the members of our telegram channel. We are Coinmonks, a team of professional traders providing signals based on fundamental and technical analysis. We have over 7,000 published articles and guides on cryptocurrency.

CoinCodeCap Classic Telegram channel
CoinCodeCap Classic Telegram channel

CoinCodeCap Signals – How does it work?

Our fundamental and technical experts discuss the nitty-gritty of the market and provide you with accurate crypto trading signals. The admin regularly posts in the CoinCodeCap Classic telegram channel about market updates with all the necessary information to place your order.

CoinCodeCap Signals – Pricing

Since we recently came up with our crypto trading signals, you only need to join our CoinCodeCap Classic telegram channel. We also have a paid subscription plan starting with $70 per month. To learn more visit our website.

CoinCodeCap: Pros and Cons

All the signals that you receive go through both fundamental and technical analysis.We are new when compared to other signal providers, but we are a team of veteran traders.
Since we began providing signals recently, you can join our CoinCodeCap Classic telegram channel to receive the signals.
We also provide you with updated articles on the crypto market.
Our analyst uses mathematics and technical indicators to determine the market entry prices.

2. Verified Crypto Traders

Verified Crypto Traders or VCT is famous for its spot trading signals and Youtube videos. The analyst at the platform is highly experienced and uses complex mathematics and patterns to predict market movements.

The platform operates from telegram and comes with three channels and a group for platinum members. The platform also allows you to use the Cornix bot and completely automate your trading.

Verified Crypto Traders Telegram channel
Verified Crypto Traders Telegram channel

Verified Crypto Traders – How does it work?

The admins post crypto signals in the respective channel depending upon Scalp or Swing trades.

A particular post about a trading opportunity in any of the channels comes with buying range, take profits, stop loss, and a button to directly follow the signal using the Cornix bot.

Verified Crypto Traders – Pricing

The VCT offers four plans to its subscribers: monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual. The price for each plan is as below:

  • Monthly: $99
  • Quarterly: $270
  • Bi-annual: $540
  • Annual: $999

Verified Crypto Traders: Pros and Cons

The crypto analyst Eric is a veteran trader and has experience of over 30 years.The admins might not reply to your personnel texts.
The platform comes with a trading bot that allows you to follow a signal with a single click.The trading bot is complex to operate, and the Cornix Tech Support is slow.
The platform offers both short and long-term trades.
The platform offers the most accurate crypto analysis and predictions in the spot market.

3. My Crypto Paradise

My Crypto Paradise offers approximately 80 crypto trading signals every month. The platform uses crypto signals telegram channels to circulate all the signals among its VIP subscribers. 

The My Crypto Paradise also offers you friendly support and a personal coach. Once you subscribe as a premium member, you will be entitled to a 30-minute call from one of the experts from the platform. The personal coach will be available to you 24×7 through chat or call.

My Crypto Paradise
My Crypto Paradise

My Crypto Paradise – How does it work?

The admins of the crypto signals telegram channel provide you with information about trades based on the type of trade and the platform. My Crypto Paradise shares the buying zone, sell target, and stop losses and also provides you with a VIP chatroom to engage in talks with experienced traders and analysts.

My Crypto Paradise account management

The platform offers to manage your account by connecting it to their system using API keys. It is, in a way, similar to crypto signal bots, and you have to pay a fee of $29 to the platform for the membership plan.

My Crypto Paradise – Pricing

The platform comes in three different plans for you, monthly, bi-annual and annual. The plans with their price details are as follows:

  • Monthly: $369
  • Bi-annual: $1,399
  • Annual: $2,369

The platform also charges an additional $29 if you use their account management services.

My Crypto Paradise: Pros and Cons

The platform provides account management using a crypto signal bot.The platform offers very high subscription plans.
My crypto paradise provides you with a personal coach who is available 24×7.You need to pay extra for the trading bot, depending on your subscription plan.
You can even find the previous month’s trading reports based on the signals on the My crypto paradise website.
The platform offers you to chat with one of their traders using telegram anytime before or after purchasing a subscription.

4. Fat Pig Signals

Fat Pig Signals is a top-rated crypto signals telegram channel providing crypto news, charts, market analysis, etc.  The free for all group has almost 50,000 members, and the premium group has over 10,000 members. Fat Pig Signals also offer portfolio management using API keys.

Fat Pig Signals Telegram channel
Fat Pig Signals Telegram channel

Fat Pig Signals – How does it Work?

The VIP channel offers you thoroughly analyzed crypto trading signals and a more personalized experience. The platform provides short, long, and mid-term trading signals.

Fat Pig Signals – Pricing

The platform offers three plans to its users, bronze, silver, and gold, for 3, 6, and 12 months. You have to pay the charges in ETH, and charges for each of the plans are as follows:

  • Bronze (3 months): 0.50 ETH
  • Silver (6 months): 0.75 ETH
  • Gold (12 months): 1.25 ETH

Fat Pig Signals: Pros and Cons

Fat Pig Signals is one of the biggest crypto signal providers.Fat Pig Signals charge a very high fee for their crypto signals.
They offer 24×7 customer support to their users.The number of VIP subscribers is high; hence the customer support is slow.
The platform supports native crypto signal bots which connect with your trading platform using API keys.You have to pay the fees in ETH.

5. Crypto Quality Signals (CQS Premium)

Crypto Quality Signals or CQS offers free crypto signals, premium membership, and trading management. The Signals provider offers spot and margin trading signals for almost all the popular crypto exchanges.

Crypto Quality Signals helps you automate your trading experience using crypto signal bots such as Cryptohopper, Zignaly, Cornix, 3commas, etc.,

CQS Premium
CQS Premium

Crypto Quality Signals – How does it work?

The CQS comes with two plans CQS Premium Gold and CQS Premium Silver. Each post in these crypto signals telegram channels comes with all the information to complete a trade. Let’s have a look at what these plans have to offer you.

CQS Premium Gold

  • You have access to signals for the exchanges Binance, Bittrex, BitMEX, Huobi, Kucoin, Poloniex, Okex, Deribit, and Bybit with their separate channels.
  • CQS provides you with daily short-term and mid-term signals.
  • A separate group for news and interaction between traders, previous signals reports, and a 24×7 support system is in place for the Gold subscribers.
  • You get a referral program and also a Cornix trading bot for free for the first two weeks.

CQS Premium Silver

Crypto Quality Signals – Pricing

CQS provides a money-back guarantee to its users and provides a $5 discount to the users who get the plan from CryptoHopper. The monthly pricing of Silver and Gold plans are as follows:

  • Silver: $10.00/ Month
  • Gold: $30.00/ Month

CQS Premium: Pros and Cons

The plans offered by CQS are very cheap.There are no guarantees on the signals you receive.
CQS Premium Gold comes with signals on almost all major crypto exchanges.There are no guides on configuring the Cornix trading bot.
The platform also supports various crypto signal bots; hence you can automate your trading anytime.

6. Universal Crypto Signals

The Universal Crypto Signals have over 27k followers in their public crypto signals telegram channel. The platform started providing crypto signals in 2018 and still has an accuracy of over 96% for Binance altcoin trading.

Universal Crypto Signals

Universal Crypto Signals – How does it work?

The platform operates using various crypto signals telegram channels. They provide you with frequent technical and fundamental market analysis. Their signals keep coming whether it’s a bear or a bull market. You can learn more about the working of the platform from their homepage.

Universal Crypto Signals – Pricing

Universal crypto Signals offer six different plans to its users. All of its plans are briefly explained below:

  1. Altcoins and Spot trading premium
  • 01 Month: $66
  • 03 Months: $171
  • 06 Months: $306
  • 12 Months: $540
  1. Fully automated Altcoins and Spot trading premium
  • 01 Month: $91
  • 03 Months: $234
  • 06 Months:  $450
  • 12 Months: $774
  1. Margin/ Leveraged Premium
  • 01 Month: $81
  • 03 Months: $207
  • 06 Months: $360
  • 12 Months: $646
  1. Fully automated Margin/ Leveraged premium
  • 01 Month: $111
  • 03 Months: $297
  • 06 Months: $540
  • 12 Months: $916
  1. Altcoins and Spot + Margin premium
  • 01 Month: $120
  • 03 Months: $315
  • 06 Months: $522
  • 12 Months: $900
  1. Fully automated altcoins and Spot + Margin Premium
  • 01 Month: $155
  • 03 Months: $432
  • 06 Months: $736
  • 12 Months: $1200
Universal Crypto Traders - Plans
Universal Crypto Traders – Plans

How to sign up for Universal Crypto Signals?

You can visit the Universal Crypto Signals official website, select a plan, and complete the payment to join their premium crypto signals telegram channel. You can also join the free Universal Crypto Signals telegram channel and follow the steps provided in the channel.

Universal Crypto Signals: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons 
Universal crypto traders provide services to a larger group of traders.They have a diverse and costly plan for the short term.
They offer six different types of plans, and you can choose any depending on your requirements.
They have a 96% accuracy on Binance altcoin trading.

Which is the most reliable Crypto Signal Service? 

We provide one of the most reliable crypto signal services in the market through our CoinCodeCap Classic telegram channel. You can also join the VCT telegram channel as the analyst in the VCT telegram group is a veteran trader and provides a ton of information.

How to get Free Crypto Signals?

You can search for channels on telegram that provide free crypto signals. We, CoinCodeCap, also offer free crypto signals through our telegram channel. To learn more, read our article on the best free crypto signals.

Which is the Best Crypto Signal Telegram Chat?

You can join us for some of the best crypto trading signals. The VCT telegram group is a gem for beginners as you can interact with many experienced traders. You can also join The Bull or Fat Pig Signals telegram channels as they serve a greater audience.

Which are the Best Crypto Signal Bots?

Almost all the platforms offer Cornix crypto signal bot to automate trading through telegram. Some of these platforms ask you to pay a monthly subscription charge for the bot. You can also use services from other crypto signal bots providers such as Pionex, Bitsgap, CryptoHopper, etc.

Crypto Signals Telegram Channels: Conclusion

Since you are going to pay the signal providers, you must research their services. There are platforms that charge you a very high amount and do not provide quality signals.

Hence you can join our CoinCodeCap classic telegram channel for some of the best crypto signals in the market. The VCT telegram channel is also a good choice for beginners as their YouTube videos provide some of the best market analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you identify crypto signals?

There are mainly two aspects; one is purely news-based. Such as if an incident is in favor of the market then the prices rise and if it is against the market then it falls. The second aspect can be of a paid crypto signals provider, who predicts coins’ prices using fundamental and technical analysis. You can learn about the crypto signals providers from our article on What are crypto trading signals?

Is crypto signal legit?

Almost half of the crypto trading signals providers in the market are scams. Hence, for some of the best market opportunities, you can join our CoinCodeCap Classic telegram channel.

Which crypto signal app to use?

It is known that most of the crypto signal providers use telegram or discord; however, you can also use certain apps such as:
Signals Blue
Signals – crypto

What is a discord signal for crypto?

As we know, most of the crypto signal providers use telegram; however, there is also discord signal for crypto traders and some of the best providers for signals are as follows:
Krypto King
Mega Pump Signals

What are some good signal groups crypto?

There are many crypto signal groups on telegram or discord. These groups provide you with entry and exit points in the market. You can also join our CoinCodeCap telegram channel for some of the best crypto signals.


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